SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 Interim President Stan Goldsmith called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

Stan spoke briefly about why the formation of an association would be beneficial for residents and users of the lake, our common concerns and goals. He also explained that the current officers were interim officers and that general elections by the larger association body would follow.

Stan introduced several guests in the audience and the interim officers. He then asked attendees to introduce themselves and name the subdivision or county they represented (see addendum).

After the introductions by attendees Stan queried everyone about their interest in forming an association and finding ways we can cooperate. He described an association as a means to voice our concerns. He spoke about our desires to work with AEP and the local counties.

Several speakers were introduced who are familiar with the workings of associations and gave us guidance about formation and what we could accomplish:

Ralph Brush, President of Smith Mountain Lake Association spoke about the formation of the SML group their mission and issues and emphasized some of those areas that were similar for LVL.

Joe Weatherspoon, is with the Association of Lake Area Communities. He explained that the groupís mission is to train and manage officers for Homeowner Associations.

David Laurrell, Campbell County Administrator, is familiar with Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission. He offered his groupís support in helping our group get started and their willingness to provide administrative support. He reiterated his feelings that LVL should form their own group separate from TLAC.

After the speakers Stan asked for questions from the audience. Attendees were interested in where to get a copy of an 18 page Homeowners document that Mr. Weatherspoon mentioned. Mr. Weatherspoon said that he would provide it. Another attendee asked about water withdrawals that Mr. Brush had mentioned. Little was known about this issue and will be investigated further. Someone asked was water going to the Virginia Beach area from here. Stan addressed this and explained that a pipeline had been built over many objections several years ago that runs from Lake Gaston to Virginia Beach.

Stan then enumerated our primary issues to date as:
  1. Debris
  2. Shoreline Management Plan
  3. Environmental and Biological
  4. Safety
  5. Future development
  6. Fishing

Stan then discussed our plans for establishing an association and issues we would need to consider in the near future:

  1. Formation of a not for profit 501-c(3) with By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  2. Gives us credibility as an organization
  3. We will need an attorney to draw it up
  4. Annual dues of $25
  5. Our need for a permanent Board of Directors
  6. Our need for committees
  7. Need for permanent officers
  8. Need for a communications network
  9. Our need to join some of the other associations
  10. Formation of a group similar to TLAC
  11. Membership criteria
  12. Budget
  13. Future meetings
  14. Liaison with other organizations and AEP

An attendee suggested that Tri-County Marina and Pitt Stop Marina be central information locations.

The address of our current website was given out.

It was also discussed that minutes from our meetings would be posted on the web site www.laurelton.com/leesvillelake .. Julia Moore, Interim Secretary, gave her e-mail address for anyone who needed general information or questions answered as lakedoughbegone@msn.com.

Mr. Weatherspoon of ALAC gave us his e-mail address as jrwassociates@worldnet.att.net.

Bill Wallace our Interim Treasurer said that dues checks should be made out to Leesville Lake Association and mailed to his address, 1248 Runaway Bay Rd., Lynch Station, VA 24571.

JW Burton who has been discussing the formation of the 501-c(3) with various attorneys reported on his progress. Thus far he has spoken with 4 attorneys trying to negotiate the price. He also reported that SML will let us use their By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation as guidelines.

Sam Skillman speaking on the debris emphasized that we need a TLAC type organization and will need cooperation to get the clean up done.

On October 9, 2003 at 10:00 am the Interim Executive Committee will meet with AEP to define whose obligations are whose. The meeting will be in the train station in Altavista.

Ron Long reminded attendees to pass the word about the formation of the association to neighbors and friends. The more members we have the stronger the group.

Calvin Carter reminded us that all folks in and around the lake area have a vested interest in the viability of the lake.

Stan commented on the import of the lake to our whole area economy.

Bill Wallace, Interim Treasurer, suggested that our next meeting should be within the next 30 days to see if we have enough interest via dues payments to go forward.


1. Julia Moore, Interim Secretary to post minutes on our web site.

2. Stan Goldsmith, Interim President to check availability of Booker Building for a Saturday morning meeting about one month from current meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Julia B. Moore, Secretary

October 7, 2003




Stan Goldsmith

2 ladies from Pittsylvania County near the dam
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