Minutes of Quarterly Member’s and Board of Directors Meeting

April 10, 2014, Leesville Lake Association

April 12 ’14

President Marshall opened Members’ Meeting at 7:05 by welcoming the 24 members in attendance and announcing that:

• Leesville Lake Marina plans to open in mid-May; will offer boat fuel; rentals of pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and PWCs; a picnic area; and a restaurant.

• Liberty University crew teams are now using the lake for practice sessions, having moved from Smith Mountain Lake, and plan to hold at least one racing regatta involving 3-4 other colleges later this year..

• More volunteers are needed to help with Beautification Day on May 17; sign-up and indicate your T-shirt size via the Website.

• The 2013 Water Quality Monitoring Report is on the side table for you to take; it is far more substantive and better written than is SMLA’s Water Quality report.

• If you wish to order a No Wake sign like the one on the table contact Julie Moore who’s here tonight.

Marshall then introduce guest speaker Stan Goldsmith, Campbell County Supervisor.

Goldsmith recounted how the association got its start in August 2003 at a meeting at the then Pit Stop Marina. About 30 people in attendance discussed the need to remove or control debris and improve safety on the lake, to create a member-based organization, and to appoint by consensus an interim board. By Oct, the necessary legal documents were drawn up, annual dues of $25 per member household had been determined, and elections to form a board were held. (Goldsmith was the first president of the Association.) He said, I believed then, as I do now, that the sum of everything is far greater than its individual parts. We gained more force in our dealings with AEP and the counties as an association than we had as individuals. I think that’s been true over the past decade.

He then turned to the present. That’s why I have been a advocate of bringing the Association into TLAC. I’m happy say that as of Monday the counties have approved having our Association join TLAC as of July 1. That will raise the profile of Leesville Lake as a benefit to the three bordering counties and will benefit our Association well. But like in the days past, you will need to recruit more members, need the help of more volunteers, and simply and surely continue to press on and do good for the lake and our members.

Goldsmith answered a few questions and closed his talk by congratulating everyone for their contributions to the Association and Leesville Lake.

A social period followed.

Board Meeting

Marshall called the Board meeting to order at 8:15 there being a quorum present: Marshall, Bratz, Dragan, Revelle. Absent: Beaton, Tannehill, Zimmerman.

Agenda transmitted Apr 10 approved as submitted on motion by Bratz second by Dragan.

Minutes of Mar 13 meeting transmitted Apr 10 approved as submitted on motion by Revelle second by Dragan.

2013-2014 Statement of Income and Expense, and Balance Sheet, dated Mar 31 transmitted Apr 9 approved as submitted on motion by Bratz second by Revelle.


Membership (Capuco): 274 members; increase of 3 in past month. 68 had renewal dates in 1st qtr and 76% renewed. Sent 2nd qtr renewal notices to 38 members and 4th qtr ‘13/1st qtr ’14 renewal reminders to 24 members on Mar 27. 5 members have volunteered to “man” our display at Uncle Billy’s Day if we decide have a display.

Debris (Marshall): 20 have registered to participate; far less than at this time last year; need more help. Pete Cox will operate his rig. Resolved placement of dumpsters. Rankin sent 2 T-shirt designs; select one later tonight.

Water Quality (Lobue): LC begins monitoring this month; volunteers begin mid May. Our 2013 Water Quality Program report sent to AEP, TLAC, SMLA and DEQ.

Invasive Plants (Revelle): Will resume investigations Apr 21 and will conduct at least once monthly.

Safety (Dragan): Will meet with Centra’s medevac contact June Lefke in next 30 days. Put notice in next newsletter for members to adopt a Mile Marker.

Communications (Bratz): Report transmitted Apr 6. Boating Safety Course on Apr 5 attended by 47; total for both courses 94; largest combined participation in the region. Received 2 bids of 4 RFPs for picnic catering. Still attempting to identify a designer of our 2015 map.

Unfinished Business

TLAC: Our membership in TLAC has been approved effective Jul 1.

Computer and Laptop: Zimmerman to acquire from Kathy Dalton.

Revised Bylaws: Ad hoc committee should have final draft by end of month; will post on Website for review and vote by members at Annual Meeting Jul 26.

Assn Property: Marshal and Revelle will remove property from Moore’s residence this month; offering to sell grill to Leesville Lake Marina.

Nominating Committee: Roger Winters agreed to serve; continuing to identify additional members.

New Business

Uncle Billy’s Day, June 6 & 7: On motion by Marshall second by Dragan approved renting space at UBD and Comm Committee to send e-message to members seeking volunteers to support the Altavista Chamber’s UBD.

T-shirt: A combination voice and e-vote of members resulted in a tie between two designs crafted by Bob Rankin; Marshall will ask him which one he favors; it will be the design for the 2014 Beautification Day T-shirt.

Picnic Caterer: On motion by Dragan second by Revelle selected Moonswiners as picnic caterer.

Adjournment: 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordon Bratz, Secretary