October 8, 2012

Minutes of Board Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, Inc.

September 13, 2012, Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Present: Beaton, Bratz, Marshall, Moore, Pettit, Revelle, Tannehill, Zimmerman

Absent: Dalton, Estes

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 6:55 p.m. 2 p.m. Welcomed former Board member Roger Winters and presented a plaque to him for his service to the Association.

Minutes of August 9 Meeting: Approved as submitted on motion by Tannehill, second by Moore.

Treasurer's Report (Moore): Submitted written copies of August financial statement and year-end budget. Members noted a loss of $187 for the budget year. Both documents were approved on a motion by Beaton, second by Revelle.

Committee Reports

Membership (Moore): (1) Submitted written report: 306 members, a loss of one, since last meeting. Ended the year gaining five members or 42% of the budgeted 12. (2) Newsletter delayed until late this month. Zimmerman remarked that he asked three members to serve on the Board, that two declined and the third hadn’t returned his call

Debris (Zimmerman): Reported the skimmer was dedicated to the lake 17 days in 2011 and has been on the lake with a full crew all summer this year.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): (1) Submitted written report: Continuing work with AEP on design and installation of lateral aids. (2) Committee does not recommend the Assn. undertake installation of “No Wake” signs; law requires communities (subdivisions and HOA’s) to request and maintain “No Wake” signs. But it does recommend the Assn. mark hazardous areas (“with lighted wood pile and proper signage”).

Water Quality (Zimmerman): (1) Lynchburg College sampling personnel have identified three aquatic plants in the lake near Mile Markers 15-16: Non-native Curly Leaf Pond Weed and native Canadian Common Elodea and Illinois Pond Weed. None constitute an immediate remediation effort; continuous monitoring will prevail. (2) Asked Lobue to provide photos of sampling activities

Health & Safety (No chairman):

Public Relations (Bratz): Submitted written report. Remarked that sales of the 2013 could be most effective if the calendar is ready for publication/sales by mid-October.

All reports approved as submitted on motion by Tannehill, second by Moore.

Old Business: None

New business:

Board voted to make a donation of $100 to “Dark Skies, Bright Kids” on behalf of Lynn Beaton.

Zimmerman reported: (1) Stan Smith is new vice chair of National Lake Association. (2) SMLA receives 17K for water quality testing from DEQ; (3) Legislature is to act this year on uranium mining ban. (4) TLAC has regulations and criteria for installation of shoal markers, and if approved by AEP, TLAC will purchase and maintain.(5) Skimmer is now working between Mile Markers 8 and 11. (6) No decision by TLAC regarding Association’s membership in same. (7) Ssuggested inviting Chuck Neudorfer to speak at the October Members’ Meeting.

Adjournment: By acclamation at 8:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz, Secretary