Dec 13, ‘13

Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, Dec 12, 2013, Altavista Train Station, Altavista, Va.

Quorum present. Attending: Marshall, Revelle, Beaton, Bratz. Absent: Tannehill, Zimmerman.

Call to Order: 6:55 p.m.

Minutes of November 14, 2013 Meeting: Approved; Motion by Revelle

Statement of Income and Expense through Nov 30: Approved; Motion by Bratz


Marshall- Moore will continue as treasurer but looking for replacement. Bill Wallace agreed to perform annual audits.

Capuco- 255 members, including 32 whose renewal dates are Jan 1 to Nov 30. Invitations to renew sent on Dec 6 to them and 33 former members who stopped paying dues in 2012. Gary and Melda Boyd, Reston, Va. joined in Nov. Now updating “lake property owner” list via on-line county records.

Lobue- 2013 Water Quality Monitoring Report (Draft) expected from Lynchburg College this month. Sam Kovacic joined our monitoring effort.

Bratz- December “All Hands News” mailed Nov 26. 2014 calendar picked up from printer Nov 26; given to Moore for selling. LLA Map: Working on content and production proposal; expect presentation to Board at Feb ’14 meeting. Analysis of Web site proposal from Galvanek & Wahl (G&W) sent to Board members Nov 28.

Unfinished Business:

Marshall reviewed “To Do” item noting most accomplished/disposed of thanks to assistance of members.

New Business:

Web site Proposal from G&W- Bratz highlighted proposal, answered questions, recommended approval. Motion to accept proposal with addition of capability to access the site & download items via all current devices approved on motion by Revelle and unanimous voice vote.

Special Projects, ’13-’14: Presented by Marshall-

TLAC Board of Directors unanimously approved the Revised Cooperative Agreement adding Leesville Lake to its responsibilities and forwarding the Agreement to county administrators. Counties to hold public hearings and votes to accept, modify or reject Agreement. Reported 390 tons of debris taken by skimmer from LL Aug-Nov ’13. 600 + tons removed Apr-Nov’12. Difference due to greater need at SML and maintenance downtime. TLAC Administ-rator, Jerry Hagerman, encouraging AEP to procure second skimmer and deploy on LL full time.

TLAC’s Nav Aids Committee meets Dec 20; Marshall/Revelle attends.

SMP 50th Anniversary Committee- Zimmerman represents LLA on steering committee; Revelle and Tannehill on history committee.

LLA Nominating Committee- Roger Winters chair; Others being sought, including Bob Rankin.

LLA Bylaws Committee- Wallace, Zimmerman, Bratz & Marshall; projected initial meeting Jan 7, ’14.

Adjourned 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Gordy Bratz