July 30, 2014

Minutes of Annual Meeting

Leesville Lake Association, July 26, 2014, Tri-County Marina

Association President Bill Marshall called the meeting to order at 2:40 p.m. and welcomed the 87 people in attendance, including all but one member of Board of Directors and one of the five nominees for election to the Board.

Marshall introduced Jerry Hagerman and Clarence Monday, Pittsylvania County supervisor and administrator respectively, and Stan Goldsmith, first president of the Association. Goldsmith echoed Marshall’s welcome and said his observations of the Association’s activities over the years with respect to safety, water quality, debris cleanup, boater education and community outreach are to be applauded, and he congratulated members for their participation in these efforts.

Marshall then asked for approval of the minutes of last year’s meeting. On a motion by Sam Skillman, seconded by Julie Moore, the minutes were approved unanimously.

Turning to the Association’s financial health, Marshall said the Association has $136,000 in the bank. Referring to the proposed 2014-2015 budget, he said the Association would not receive grants in the future from three counties amounting to some $18,000 due to the Association’s membership in the Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC) as of July 1 this year. Even so, he thought the Association could operate about five years on the basis of its current assets. He assured members that the Board will manage the Association with fiscal responsibility and said it’s likely we will need more income-producing activities in the future. He said the 2014-15 budget recognizes these factors and called for a motion to approve it. It was approved unanimously on a motion by Jan Parry and seconded by Sherwood Zimmerman. Marshall then gave a “state of the Association” report, highlighting the accomplishments of the past year and future initiatives, among them: Creating a standing nominating committee in compliance with the bylaws; Revising the bylaws to accommodate membership in TLAC and allow Board members to serve more than two consecutive two-year terms; Hosting a social event to recognize those who help with Beautification Day; Maintaining a vital Website with the help of Richard Beaton, Webmaster; Holding a Members’ Social and Meeting on a Saturday; Working with Centra Health to identify medical helicopter landing areas; Launching a new newsletter laid out by member Jeanette Burnette and featuring photography by member Larry Mitchell; Producing a 2015 calendar; Placing markers at hazards and shoals; Contracting with a map company to produce a professional map of the lake; Launching a new Website in the future; and Participating in local community events.

He called on artist Bob Rankin, designer of the Association’s Beatification Day T-shirts for the past nine years, which he does at no charge, to display prints of the shirt designs that he sells for a nominal cost and contributes the proceeds to the Association.

Mike Lobue, chair of the Water Quality Committee, then highlighted the spring-to-fall monitoring activities of the committee and Lynchburg College under a contract funded by AEP. He said the analyses of samples taken this year show that the lake’s water quality continues to be good for the age of the lake.

Lou Revelle, vice president and chair of the Invasive Aquatic Vegetation Committee said monthly surveys have not discovered non-native invasive plants in the lake, but Curly Leaf Pond Weed, an aggressive native plant is prominent near Mile Marker 15 and westward. He offered maps of the survey areas and collection data to members.

Ted Dragan, chair of the Safety and Navigation Committee addressed Va. boating laws and law enforcement by DGIF officials. He noted that boat operators 50 years of age or younger by July 1 next year and all operators regardless of age by July 1, 2016 need to pass the Va. Boating Safety Course. Also, he said having flares on board is not necessary on Leesville Lake but, if on board, ensure they are not expired because that’s a violation of law.

Laura Capuco, chair of the Member Services Committee said membership stands at 280, and appealed to members to encourage others to join the Association.

Sherwood Zimmerman, Association representative to TLAC, called attention to local and Congressional efforts to protect property rights, and urged everyone with property on the lake to read information at www.curb-ferc-aep.com and write Senators Kaine, Warner and Gov. McAuliff to ask them to support U.S. House Bill 4976, the SHORE Act, recently introduced by Rep. Hurt. Marshall said an e-mail to underscore this effort would be sent to members within a day or two.

Marshall then called for a vote to approve the revised bylaws. On a motion by Tony Capuco, seconded by Zimmerman, they were approved unanimously.

Marshall asked for nominations from the floor for volunteers to serve on the Board; there were none. He then introduced Roger Winters, chair of the Nominating Committee. Winters said the committee identified five members who have volunteered to serve on the Board and that two current Board members, Marshall and Zimmerman, were candidates for re-election. He then asked for a motion to re-elect the latter. Ron Long moved to re-elect them; his motion was seconded by Julie Moore. Members voted unanimously to re-elect Marshall and Zimmerman. Marshall then introduced the five members who volunteered to be on the Board and said the current Board had endorsed each for election to the Board as recommended by the Nominating Committee. Marshall asked for a motion to elect the five candidates. Tony Capuco moved to do so and Mike Lobue seconded his motion. Marshall called for a vote. Reg Anderson, Pat Kuhrtz, Larry Mitchell, Jan Parry and Dewayne Sprinkle, were elected by unanimous vote.

Marshall then asked for questions. There were none. He declared the agenda cleared and the meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordon Bratz