July 16, 2012

Minutes of the Annual Members’ Meeting Leesville Lake Association, Inc., July 14, 2012

Tri-County Marina, Bedford, Va.

Present: Zimmerman, Moore, Bratz, Revelle, Winters

Absent: Apple, Beaton, Dalton, Estes, Pettit, Kolotushkina, Tannehill,

Call to Order: By Zimmerman at 2 p.m. Welcomed members and guests and expressed a special “Thank You” to Beautification Day volunteers.

Minutes of June 14 Meeting: Approved on motion by Moore, second by Revelle.

Treasurer's Report (Moore): (1) Handed out Statement of Income and Expense for June and fiscal year ending August 31; noted Bedford Co. and Pittsylvania Co. committed $14,000 and $2,000 respectively for operations next year. Approved by hand vote on motion by Winters, second by Revelle. (2) Handed out the Assn’s proposed 2012-2013 budget.

Announcements (Zimmerman): (1) Pointed out the table where LVL caps, calendars, T-shirts and other items, among them Bob Rankin prints, are available for sale. (2) Called on member and artist Rankin to show four high-quality prints of lake scenes he created for use on T-shirts for Beautification Day, saying all proceeds go to the Assn and thanking him for donating his artistic talents year-after-year. (3) Mentioned that the raffle for the quilt designed, made and donated to the Assn by Board member Sharon Reilly would be held at the end of the meeting.

Guest Speaker: Zimmerman introduced Thomas Shahady, Ph.D., Associate Prof of Environmental Science, Lynchburg College who discussed the Assn’s Water Quality Monitoring Program, took questions and handed out a report of results.

Committee Reports

Membership (Moore): (1) 313 members; No new members help increasein past month; Number down from high of 345 a few years ago. Members asked to promote membership. (2) County commissioners routinely ask about our membership numbers; the higher they are the more they pay attention to the Association.

Debris (Winters): (1) Announced that Beautification Day was the most successful ever in terms of quantity of debris collected, sponsorship money raised and number of volunteers; and (2) Presented to Zimmerman a first-ever comprehensive Beautification Day planning guide use in the future.

Navigational Aids (Pettit): Committee member Bill Wallace reported that (1) Designs for 43 fixed and floating hazard markers to be installed in 2014 were submitted to APCo; and, (2) Those who adopted a Mile Marker are reminded to keep them clearly visible from the water and that a few Mile Markers are available for adoption. (3) A member asked: “What is the law regarding boat speed near docks and would Assn. consider selling a sign that has the law printed on it?” Wallace said boats within 50 ft. of docks must not create a wake. Zimmerman said the Assn. would consider the suggestion.

Water Quality (Lobue): Handed out copies of the 2011 Water Quality Monitoring Results prepared by Lynchburg College Department of Environmental Science.

Health & Safety (No chairman): Zimmerman said AEP will expand and improve the recreation area near the dam, install a dock on the lake and build a portage to the river this year.

Public Relations (Bratz): Summarized outreach to media and the Land & Lake-scaping Seminar this year, and invited members to suggest activities they desire the Assn. to sponsor in the future.

Old Business: None

New business: Zimmerman-

Presented plaques to Sharon Reilly and Roger Winters and certificates to Danielle Apple and Olga Kolotushkina, Board members whose terms are expiring, and recognized the presence of county officials Marshall Eaker and Stan Goldsmith, thanking all for their contributions to the Assn.

Called for nominations to the Board, saying Bill Marshall had volunteered to be a candidate; No nomin-ations were offered. Marshall was elected unanimously.

Called for a vote to approve the proposed 2012-2013 budget. Passed unanimously by hand vote.

Conducted a drawing for the quilt; won by member Mark Jackson.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by acclamation at 3:55.

Respectfully submitted,


Gordy Bratz