LLA Board of Directors Meeting

November 13, 2014

Prior to the meeting, WM introduced TLAC representatives Pam Collins, Executive Director, and Paula Schoffner, Administrative Manager, Leesville Lake Department, to the Board. Pam provided an executive TLAC overview and Paula gave an overview of the LVL Dept. activities and responsibilities. The Board received a request for membership in the new LVL Navigation and Environmental Committees. The goals for these Committees are as follows:

  1. Develop awareness of APCo’s responsibilities for safe use of the lake; obtain DGIF input and make recommendations for LVL to the TLAC Board;

  2. Assess the Pigg River debris and pollution problems and report on habitat enhancement projects undertaken by APCo.

The meeting was called to order at 1942 hours by the President, Bill Marshall.

Present: W Marshall (WM), President, L Revell (LR), Vice-President, P Kuhrtz (PK), Treasurer, J Parry (JP), Secretary, R Beaton (RB), T Dragan (TD), G Bratz (GB), S Zimmerman (SZ), Mike Lobue (ML), Laura Capuco (LC).

Absent: R Anderson, L Mitchell, D Sprinkle.

The agenda was presented, GB moved to accept the agenda, motion seconded and carried.

WM thanked TD and LC for setting up and running the October general meeting.

He also commended GB on the timely submission of the AHN for publication.

The minutes from the October 11, 2014, meeting are attached by reference. GB moved to approve the final minutes, motion seconded and carried.

PK presented the Treasurer’s report, which included a revised 2014-2015 budget and September and October financials. GB moved to accept the revised budget, motion seconded and carried.

Committee Reports

  1. Membership, thank you Laura.

Report (attachment 3 to agenda) is attached by reference. There were no comments.


  1. Debris, no report

  1. Safety and Navigation, no report.

  1. Water Quality, no report. Monitoring is suspended until spring.

  1. Aquatic Vegetation, no report. Monitoring is suspended until spring.

  1. Communications, thank you Gordy.

Report (attachment 4 to agenda) is attached by reference. There were no comments.

  1. Sales, thank you Jan.

  1. Report (attachment 5 to agenda) is attached by reference.

  2. Calendar sales profits amounted to approximately $700. Postage for mailing orders was a pass-through. Fifteen complimentary copies including the related mailing expense were provided to TLAC representatives, First National Bank and various government personnel.

The Board discussed increasing the number of 2016 calendars to 200. Sale of this number would probably be feasible if the calendar were available before Labor Day. The first step in the process will be to identify a new lay-out person, as Jeanette Burnette has resigned. No action items were identified.

Action: WM to contact LM re interest in being 2016 Calendar Chairman.

Special Orders/New Business

  1. Sales Plan (attachments 5 & 6 to agenda)

  1. Note cards – JP proposed producing note cards using calendar photos as a new project. The cards would cost about $0.43 to produce and could be sold for $1.00. Start-up cost would be around $90 for 200 cards. SZ moved to approve up to $100 in upfront costs. Motion seconded and carried. JP to contact Jeanette Burnette to obtain the picture files.

  2. Garden/dock/boat flags – JP proposed having 100 double-sided flags printed using one of the Beautification Day T-shirt designs from Bob Rankin. The 2013 (lures) and 2014 (abstract fish) were suggested. The cost of production vs the selling price were discussed. Action items:

  1. LC to further evaluate vendors and market, especially Claytor Lakes’ experience.

  2. WM to contact Rankin re the possibility of obtaining flags through him, similar to the T-shirts.

  1. LVL Chart update: WM, SZ, LR to meet on December 8 at 0900 at the SML Visitor Center to discuss financing and donation from AEP.

  1. GB mentioned that the association did not have an archivist. He presented a packet of documents to JP for safekeeping.

  1. The new website a work in progress. PK offered to serve with the group working on this as she is designing the website for her HOA.

  1. LLA Policy and Procedure 002, General Membership Meetings, was not discussed.

Around-the-Table did not occur.

The meeting was adjourned at 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice L. Parry, Secretary