LLA Board of Directors Meeting

October 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1030 by the President, Bill Marshall.

Present: W Marshall (WM), President, L Revell (LR), Vice-President, P Kuhrtz (PK), Treasurer, J Parry (JP), Secretary, T Dragan (TD), G Bratz (GB), L Mitchell (LM), D Sprinkle (DS), Mike Lobue (ML), Laura Capuco (LC).

Absent: R Anderson, R Beaton, S Zimmerman (SZ).

Also present were members Herb Miller and Don Parry and new members Mr. and Mrs. Dannie Smith

The agenda was presented with the following change:

The minutes to be approved are for the September 11, 2014, meeting, not the August meeting.

GB moved to accept the agenda, motion seconded and carried.

The minutes from the September 11, 2014, meeting are attached by reference. GB moved to approve the final minutes, motion seconded and carried.

There was no Treasurer’s report. WM, PK, LC and JP will convene to work out the budget for the various committees’ administrative expenses, which has not been separated in the past.

Committee Reports

  1. Membership, thank you Laura.

    1. Report (attachment 3 to agenda) is attached by reference.

    2. One new member family was added at the meeting for a total of 284.

    3. Membership Committee met 9/23 to discuss various membership related items:

      1. A waterproof copy of the new LVL Chart to be provided to each member

      2. A hard copy newsletter to be provided to each member four times a year

      3. Hard copy newsletters to be provided to the following general headings: Government (to include US, State and County reps), Sponsors (includes AEP, TLAC), Chamber of Commerce, VDGIF, USCG Auxiliary, LVL Marina

The total number of hard copy newsletters has been decreased from about 900 to 360, resulting in savings of approximately $2400/year.


  1. Debris, thank you Bill.

    1. The response from L. Parcell (attachment 4 to agenda) is attached by reference.

    2. WM and SZ will communicate with AEP and FERC regarding low water levels, especially on holiday weekends.

  1. Safety and Navigation, verbal report, thank you Ted.

    1. Ted was thanked for setting up the meeting presentation: June Leffke, RN, Community Outreach Coordinator, Centra One, who spoke on the details of emergency helicopter transport

    2. He proposes purchasing lighted mile-markers at the cost of $36. He was asked to further investigate and submit a cost proposal. This project would be a temporary remedy until TLAC or AEP initiate a safety/navigational marker program.

    3. He is locating potential helicopter landing zones around the lake to be forwarded to the crew that flies the helicopter for evaluation.

  1. Water Quality, verbal report, thank you Mike.

    1. Mike is asking for 4 - 5 additional volunteers for 2015 monitoring. Larry Mitchell volunteered.

    2. He will be writing an article for the next issue of All Hands News (AHN).

  1. Aquatic Vegetation, verbal report, thank you Lou.

    1. Lou noted that the large size of the bryozoan globular masses is an indication of the quality of the lake water (larger masses, good water quality).

    2. A recent thorough survey showed no sign of aquatic vegetation, in particular there is no hydrilla growing in the lake.

    3. He reported that he has taken accurate GPS headings for the mile markers, which needs to replace the current locations on the website. LR to coordinate with RB, webmaster.

  1. Communications, (attachment 5 to agenda) is attached by reference, thank you Gordy.

    1. GB intends to have the December issue of AHN to Creative Xpressions by November 3.

    2. LC would like the membership roster included in the December issue.

    3. Jeanette Burnett at Creative Xpressions does not wish to continue with the calendar project. A layout person will have to be identified by next summer to fill her place.

  1. TLAC did not meet in September, next meeting is October 14. WM and SZ to attend. A new TLAC LVL administrative manager has been named: Paula Shoffner, phone (540) 721-4400, paulas@lvl.us.com.

Special Orders/New Business

  1. The LVL chart update was included in the Communications Committee report.

  2. Financial Controls document (agenda attachment 7 is attached by reference. JP moved to approve, motion seconded and carried.

After approval, Herb Miller pointed out that the word “audit” in the document meant more expense and the hiring of a CPA, whilst use of the words “financial review” would be preferable, as any competent person could perform such a review. WM to revise the document and email for amendment approval.

  1. PK pointed out that Julie Moore could not do the financial review for 2013-14 because she was the Treasurer during most of the period. WM is to identify a different reviewer.

  2. WM proposed limiting speaking presentations to 3 per year, omitting the January general member meeting because of historically low attendance. The proposal was accepted.

  3. Bill Brush of CURB has offered to present at a meeting. His offer will be politely declined until there is more clarity regarding property rights around the lakes.


  1. DS mentioned that the Chamber of Commerce was having a Holiday Expo at the YMCA on November 6 from 4 – 7. The Leesville Lake Marina has purchased a display booth and LLA is invited to join him. JP will join with calendars and T-shirts for sale. We will also have the 2008 maps, LLA brochures and membership forms available.

  2. LR is to ascertain the GPS locations of the 4 public ramps for inclusion in the lake chart.

The meeting was adjourned at 1330.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice L. Parry, Secretary