LLA Board of Directors Meeting

September 11, 2014

The meeting was called to order at 1900 hours by the President, Bill Marshall.

Present: W Marshall (WM), President, L Revell (LR), Vice-President, P Kuhrtz (PK), Treasurer, J Parry (JP), Secretary, T Dragan (TD), R Beaton (RB), G Bratz (GB), L Mitchell (LM), S Zimmerman (SZ).

Absent: R Anderson (RA), D Sprinkle (DS).

The agenda was presented with the following additions:

  1. Aquatic vegetation report

  2. GMCO draft contract for lake map

  3. Financial Control Policy, draft

SZ moved to accept the agenda, motion seconded and approved.

The minutes from the August 14, 2014, meeting are attached by reference. JP moved to approve the final minutes, motion seconded and approved.

PK presented the treasurer’s report, which is attached by reference. Points made were:

  1. The final payment to Lynchburg College for water quality testing will be made in 1Q2015 after the final report for 2014 has been received.

  2. The second post office box key is missing. PK has a key.

  3. Action items:

    1. Split revenue and expenses for calendar sales and newsletter into printing costs, postage costs, sales revenue.

    2. Amend receipts for Beautification Day (BD) and lake map production to reflect $2500 grants from TLAC for each line item.

    3. WM to write sponsorship letter to TLAC to access the funds.

    4. PK to present amended P & L 2015 budget at next board meeting.

GB moved to accept the report, motion seconded and approved.

Committee Reports

  1. Membership, thank you Laura.

    1. Report (attachments 3 & 4 to agenda) is attached by reference.

    2. The Membership Goals for 2014-15 were discussed but no action taken.

    3. Action items:

      1. WM to ask Laura for clarification on the number of unpaid outstanding dues and when these members should be removed from the membership role.

      2. The newsletter mailing list will be culled to around 500 recipients.

      3. The letter to “friends of the lake” regarding the continuance of AHN as suggested in the Goals document should be sent.

  1. Debris

WM remarked that there was substantial debris between MM 8.5 and 14, making it unsafe for navigation. He has notified Liz Parcell at APCo.

  1. Water Quality, report attached by reference. Thank you Mike.

  1. Aquatic Vegetation, report attached by reference, thank you Lou.

LR asked board if monthly monitoring from April through October was cost-effective. No decision was made.

  1. Communications, report attached by reference, thank you Gordy.

    1. Funding for the maps was provided by TLAC and Campbell County, so no charge should be made for a map.

    2. Since no charge is to be made, the number of paper vs plasticized versions should be changed, in order to send plasticized maps to members in good standing and distribute paper copies to other friends of the Lake.

    3. Action items:

      1. GB to revise number of copies to reflect the above, add the language regarding committee review prior to printing final printer draft and renegotiate contract with GMCO in order to decrease cost.

      2. GB will put notices of October members’ meeting in the local papers.

GB moved to authorize funds from Hazard management to make the initial contract payment. Motion seconded and approved.

  1. TLAC monthly meeting report, not made.

New Business

  1. GMCO draft contract, with potential invoice of $4500. See above actions re this contract.

  2. Calendar sales, (agenda attachments 7 & 8)

    1. PK moved to set calendar sales price at $10. Motion seconded and approved.

    2. JP asked for additional pick-up sites. RB offered Laurelton Gardens.

    3. Posters will be produced when calendars are ready for sale. SZ to distribute in Gretna, JP in Altavista.

    4. JP and Laura will mail order forms to non-email receiving members (about 100).

    5. JP will provide RB with order form to send to email-receivers and to place on website.

    6. JP will write an article for the Altavista Journal, GB will submit to the Gretna newspaper.

  1. Draft Financial Controls document, attached by reference. This document was not discussed.

Action: document to be reviewed and commented by Executive Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 2030. Around-the-Table did not occur.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice L. Parry, Secretary