Leesville Lake Association

Why an Administrative Commission for Leesville Lake, Virginia?

   The Leesvile Lake Association's position is that threre should be an administrative commission formed among the three counties of Bedford, Campbell, and Pittsylvania to foster the development and care of the very much unspoiled resource - Leesville Lake, Virginia. It's membership would be composed of represenitives from the three counties, the Leesville Lake Association, and Americian Electric Power.

   The commission would derive it's funding from these sources and be able to accept grants from both State and Federal Governments for program initatives it's members deem worthy.

Why was Leesville Lake Association formed?

Leesville Lake Association was formed in August 2003 to promote stewardship of Leesville Lake by: In a short time, Leesville Lake Association has grown to over 260 member households. That represents about 650 persons.

Organization of Leesville Lake Association

Board Of Directors
includes members from
Standing Committees
Executive Committee
  • Pittsylvania Co.
  • Bedford Co.
  • Campbell Co.
  • Game Fishermen
  • Marina Operators
  • Environmental Cleanliness
  • Navigation
  • Safety
  • Water Quality
  • Water Quantity
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasure

Major Issues

  • Lake Cleanliness
  • Navigation Safety
  • Water Quality
  • Water Quantity
  • Shoreline Erosion – Unique to Leesville Lake Water Flucuation
  • Lake Cleanliness

    • Major debris contamination trapped in lake and coves following heavy rains and wind
    • Leesville Lake Association sponsored cleanups to date have had minimal impact
    • Limitations
      • Size and quantity of debris
      • Absence of disposal locations
      • Minimal participation by AEP

    Navigation Aids

    There is an existing system that was established by AEP when the lake was frist impounded over fourty years ago consisting of 16 mileage marker signs along the shoreline from Leesville Dam to Smith Mountian Dam.

    Navigational Hazards

    • Unmarked channels
    • Unmarked islands
    • Unmarked submerged obstructions
    • Unlighted bridge supports
    • All hazards exacerbated by water level fluctuation

    Water Quality Programs

    Water Quantity Program

    Shoreline Erosion

  • Frequency and extent of 13 foot water level fluctuation
    • Causes shoreline “scour” that removes soil from shore
      1. Creates bank height greater than 4 feet
      2. Creates receding shoreline
    • Causes movement of debris
      1. Low water traps debris on shore
      2. High water floats and moves debris
  • Siltation assessment needed for lake service-life determination
  • Leesville Lake Association Accomplishments to date

    • Lake Cleanups
    • Survey of Existing Navigational Aids
    • Survey of Navigation Hazards
    • Monitoring State and Smith Mountian Lake Water Quality Programs
    • Participated in SMPSP Water Quantity Assessment
    Leesville Lake is among the last remaining undeveloped waterfront in Virginia.

    Future of Leesville Lake

    • Continued shoreline development
    • Increased recreational use
    • Increasing prominence as local and regional business attraction
    • Continuation as power generating system

    Why a Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission for Leesville Lake?

    What We Need From The Three County Governments

    Bedford Campbell Pittsylvania

    Bottom Line is we need help!

    A Lake Administrative Commission is critical to achieve
    • Credibility with AEP and State/Federal agencies
    • Safe and clean recreational environment
    • Preservation and longevity of valuable natural resource

    Why Write Your Supervisors?

       Your supervisors are going to be considering this proposal made by The Leesville Lake Association. Write to your supervisors and let them know how you feel about it. Tell them that Leesville Lake needs a commission all it's own to take care of the unique problems mentioned above.

    Email links on this page will write the following message to your default email program for you to review.
    "I support the views of the Leesville Lake Association on the creation of a 
    three county administrative commission unique to Leesville Lake."
    They will be addressed as stated in each link below.

    Leesville Lake Association