July Meeting
4 P.M. July 15, 2006
Tri-County Marina

2005-2006 Officers
Stan Goldsmith

Vice President
Sam Skillman

Phyllis Garlick

Bill Wallace

Board of Directors

Richard Beaton
Gerry Caprario
Emma Johnson
Julie Moore
Bill Morgan
Pete Pettit
Sharon Reilly
Fred Tannehill
Joe Weatherspoon
Arpil 2006
Spring has sprung and so did our LVLA General Meeting at the Train Station in Altavista, on Wednesday, April 19th at 7 P.M. We have lots of activities planned for the next few months. This is a busy time of year for us all…. yards and gardens to tend to, graduations and weddings, company coming and of course, the wonderful lake activities we all enjoy so much. We hope you'll take time to turn out for the events LVLA has planned, too. If you would like more information than is included in this newsletter, contact any of the board members listed on the left or the website at: www.leesvillelake.org

Stan Goldsmith, our president, made an impassioned plea to all members to contact their respective county supervisors listed below, to request funding support as requested ($15,000) in our presentations to the counties for LVLA to continue our lake cleanup efforts. He also asked members to attend meetings, if at all possible, with the county supervisors when we're contacted.
Bedford County: Chuck Neudorfer (Huddleston) 540-297-9321 c.neudorfer@co.bedford.va.us
Campbell County: Calvin Carter (Altavista) 434-369-6138
Pittsylvania County: Mike Irby (Hurt) 434-324-7595

Members have been asked to identify potential sites that should be checked as significant and could be included in the Erosion/Sedimentation study of Leesville Lake being conducted by AEP. Please contact J.W. Burton about these areas at: 434-369-6523 or e-mail at: jwb@markerman.com

At a past meeting it was voted on and approved to replace the present mileage markers on the lake. The proposal calls for 16 2ft. x 2ft. markers installed at sites specified by the LVL Association and will be in place by Memorial Day. Due to a major increase in the price of steel and sheet aluminum, the cost of this project has increased to $4,200. Sufficient Association funds exist to cover this increase.

At a recent board meeting it was decided that we would accept advertisements to help defray the cost of the newsletter. The ads are $50 a year. If your company is interested in placing an ad, please mail a check for $25 to cover the remaining 2 issues of the 2006 calendar year. Along with your check please include a business card. The ads will be business card sized and in color. The check should be mailed to:
Leesville Lake Association
P.O. Box 68
Altavista, VA. 24517

  1. The Smith Mountain Lake Sail and Power Squadron instructors will teach a one day Safe Boating Class for the Runaway Bay Safety and Security Committee and any other interested boat owners. The class will be held June 17th, at the Leesville United Methodist Church, on Rt. 43 near the intersection of Chellis Ford Rd. To reserve a spot in the class, please contact Karen Bragg by June 1st, at: 434 369-4666, or e-mail her at: VETTE92LT1@aol.com. There is legislation pending that could make these classes mandatory for all boat owners.
  2. Courtesy vessel examinations will be available over the summer months. If you are interested in this FREE service, e-mail Gerry Caprario at: capgerry@hotmail.com
  3. Remember your life jackets, especially for children. Consider having them wear one even at the dock.
  4. CHECK YOUR FUEL. Running out of fuel can really spoil a nice day, and can be dangerous if the weather turns bad. Keep a cell phone and phone number list on board your vessel of lakeside friends who have boats in the water.
  5. Be aware of the sun for everyone in your party, especially the children. Be sure everyone has sunscreen, REAL sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing such as T-shirts, etc.
  6. Stay safe, play safe! Remember the "no wake" zones within 50 feet of docks and in coves.

The committee designed a preliminary brochure and presented it at the April meeting. It has a map with points of interest to lake users (marinas, public parks and boat launching sites, roads, etc.) pictures and a brief history of the lake, information about the species of fish in the lake, and a summary explaining the Leesville Lake Association. Members gave some other suggestions to add and when it is revised, it will be presented again for approval and then sent to a graphics designer for final editing and printing. Leesville Lake Development Company has offered to underwrite the cost of the final product. It will then be placed in marinas, etc., for the public.

Mr. Jim Davis, Emergency Management Coordinator for Pittsylvania County, spoke on developing a personal disaster plan and stocking emergency supplies. Assembling a Disaster Supply Kit should include:
  1. A 3-5 day supply of water (1 gallon per person per day), food that won't spoil and a manual can opener.
  2. A first aid kit with bandages, antibiotic cream, your family's medications and copies of prescriptions.
  3. Emergency tools, a battery powered radio, flashlights and plenty of extra batteries.
  4. Make sure your car's gas tank is full and have an extra can of gas available. Have an extra set of car keys, a credit card, extra cash or traveler's checks.
  5. Sanitation supplies: toilet paper, sanitary pads or tampons, diapers, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, garbage bags and disinfectant.
  6. Special items for infants, elderly or disabled family members.
  7. Keep family documents such as birth certificates, insurance policies, wills, an inventory of household possessions, a list of emergency phone numbers and financial and tax information in a waterproof container.
  8. Keep everything up to date.
  9. Take a Red Cross First Aid/CPR class. Teach all family members how to turn off utilities and how to use a fire extinguisher.
  10. Establish escape routes from each room in your house and a safe meeting place outside of it. Also decide which room in the house would be the "safe" room in the event of a tornado.
Pittsylvania County wants to coordinate our new lake mile markers (once they're installed) with their 911 emergency map so if a boater calls from a cell phone and reports they are near "mile marker number___," they can either respond or send it to the appropriate County 911 responder.



This will be our 3rd year of holding this event. It helps to keep our lake beautiful by removing floating and shoreline debris. Let's all work to make it a success again. The date for this year will be June 24, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., with the last load to be brought in by 3:30. Debris for disposal can be brought by land or boat to locations at the Runaway Bay Community Boat Ramp, Tri-County Marina, or leave debris behind the buoy at Butch Shaffer's near the 8 mile marker. These drop-off sites will be marked by signs visible from the water. You can also participate by cleaning areas chosen by you and disposing of debris yourself. Please use the registration sheet at the end of this newsletter to sign up for the cleanup and the picnic. All participants will get a Leesville Lake T-shirt and trash bags. Extra trash bags and bottled water will be available at each drop off site. We will package your trash bags and T-shirts under your name. Please ask volunteers participating in your group not to duplicate by submitting another form. For more information call: Sherwood Zimmerman @ 434-656-1826 or 434-429-9237, or spzim@pmtnet.net; Sam Skillman @ 434-309-9988 or slskillman3@aol.com; or Fred Tannehill @434-369-5126. Please return the sign up form by June 15th.

Remember to bring friends, gloves, a rope for towing debris, a tarp to protect your boat, extra trash bags, sunscreen, boots, chainsaw or handsaw, water and food, first aid kit, and Advil or Tylenol!! For safety reasons, alcoholic beverages are not suggested.

The Celebration Picnic to thank participants will be held Sunday, June 25, at 2:00 P.M. at the Tri- County Marina pavilion. Drinks, hamburgers, hot dogs and fix-ins will be supplied. Please bring a covered dish or dessert to share.

We need sponsors to help defray the costs of Beautification Day. We have to pay for dumpsters and the equipment at the sites for lifting and removing the debris. The sponsorship levels are as follows:
  • Platinum - $1000: Your company business card on our web page with quick link to your website; a free 1 year LVL Newsletter ad; a wall plaque and 4 LVL hats; company name listed on T-shirts in bigger bold print; recognition in local newspapers and at the Cleanup Day Picnic.
  • Gold - $300: Your company business card on our web page w/quick link to your web site; company name listed on T-shirts in large bold print; recognition in local newspapers and at the Cleanup Day Picnic.
  • Silver - $200: Your company name, address and phone number on our website w/quick link to your website; company name listed on T-shirts in smaller print; recognition in local newspapers and at the Cleanup Day Picnic.
  • Patron - $100: Your company name on our website; company recognized at the Cleanup Day Picnic on the sponsorship board and in local newspapers.
Like Kind Contributions: $500 or more in like kind services- Gold Sponsorship
$200-$499 like kind services- Silver Sponsorship
$100-$199 like kind services Patron Sponsorship

For more information on sponsorships contact Sam Skillman or Sherwood Zimmerman at their contact numbers listed above.


This is a great chance to meet other lake residents, make new friends, and participate in the decision making process of your LVL Association. The annual election of Board of Director members will take place at the picnic on Saturday, July 15, at 4:00 at the Tri-County Marina pavilion. Please bring a dish or dessert to share. Drinks, hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the fix-ins will be supplied.

Joe Weatherspoon, chairman of the Nominations Committee, reminds us that the Marines have always advertised successfully for a few good men and women. Now the LVLA is advertising for a few good men and women who are interested in serving as Directors of the organization. The monetary aspects are non-existent but the personal satisfaction derived from helping your fellow members improve Leesville Lake makes it a worthwhile endeavor. If you are interested in serving or know someone you think would, contact Joe before the July meeting, at: 540-297-1673 or by e-mail at: jrwassociates@worldnet.att.net .


From, Master Gardener Julie Moore & the Wash. State Lake Protection Assoc.

Bulkheads are not the best or only way to prevent erosion and can create dangerous drop offs, especially to children and the elderly. They also interrupt natural shoreline vegetation and nutrient flow.

Controlling erosion and run-off by planting natural/native vegetation provides a more gradual transition from yard to lake, helps beautify the lake and enhances wildlife habitats. Native plants require less pesticides and fertilizers, need less water and create a natural filter system trapping nutrients from water run-off before it enters the lake. Rain and watering can cause wide-spread use of fertilizers to wash into the lake and cause rapid aquatic plant growth and algae blooms, which hamper lake activities and kill fish. Careless disposal of lawn clippings and yard debris will also pollute the water. Dispose of these and/or start compost piles well away from the lake. Pesticides and herbicides can cause serious damage to fish, wildlife, and people, especially if applied on windy days or stored improperly. Always read the labels carefully regarding their use and container disposal.

Canadian Geese like to feed in short grassy areas, but their feces on docks, lawns and in the water can cause harmful nutrients in the lake and are unsightly, unsanitary and unsafe. (It is illegal to feed waterfowl in all three of the counties around the lake!)

Consider placing a path through a six to eight foot wide buffer zone of low growing plants on the way to a dock or beach. Many plants are suitable for this area of wet soil. In future newsletters we'll talk about designing and specific plants for your buffer garden.

We are a 501C3 organization. All of our dues and contributions to the LVLA are tax free! Remember this at tax time. Every little bit helps!

If you know any lake property owners or users who would like to join the LVLA or if you have any changes to your own information, please send on the form at the end of this newsletter; your name; address; phone number; e-mail address; and for new members, a check for $25, (1 years dues per household) to:
Leesville Lake Association
P.O. Box 68
Altavista, VA., 24517

Bill Morgan will have LVL baseball hats for sale at the picnics and all general meetings. The hats are adjustable with ventilated backs. The cost is $10, which goes to the LVLA.

Julie Moore is asking if anyone with good digital photos of the lake willing to share them for the LVL Calendar, contact her at: lakedoughbegone@msn.com

Julie Moore also has LVL vehicle stickers for anyone that has purchased a new car. There is no charge for the stickers. See her at meetings, the picnic or contact her at her: lakedoughbegone@msn.com

We thank the following advertisers for their support.