June Meeting
7:pm June 14, 2007
Altavista Train Station

Highlights of Most Recent Board Meeting:

If interested complete minutes are published on our web site at www.leesvillelake.org.

At our most recent general membership meeting on April 12, we were pleased to have Art Cournoyer and Karl Hellinger with the SML Sail and Power Squadron and James Beckley from DEQ as our guests. Art and Karl spoke on the new Boating Education requirement. Board Member Mike Lobue introduced James and together they spoke about the Citizen's Water Monitoring Project on LVL.

Julie Moore, Membership Chair, reported that we had 2 new members since our last meeting. Our current membership is 301 households which is an 86% renewal rate.

Julie also reported that LVL property owners, Jerry and Cathy Dalton, have volunteered to continue the newsletter. The Daltons own and operate Backwoods Designs, a graphic arts / web design business with over 25 years in the printing industry, and we feel very fortunate to have them. They already have a number of ideas for the newsletter to make it less expensive and time consuming to produce. Cathy will serve as editor and work with printing. Patsy Clements has volunteered to help with mailing labels and bulk mailing. Thank you both very much.

Sue Glasscock, Nominating Committee, is preparing a slate of board candidates to be voted on at our Annual Meeting in July. If you or anyone you know would be willing to serve on the Board please let Sue know. She can be reached at (434) 369-5334.

J.W. Burton, Chair of the Audit Committee, and his committee members are on track to have the audit completed and will be able to give their report by the Annual Meeting also.

Stan Goldsmith, our President, continues to work with the counties to get LVL budget needs considered. He and his presentation committee will meet with 2 supervisors from each county along with county administrators on May 8th, 2:00 pm, at the Altavista Train Station.

Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Project

The Association initiated a Citizen Water Quality Monitoring Project for 2007. The goals of the project are to: (1) Obtain a better understanding of Leesville Lake water quality (2) Supplement the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) water quality monitoring, and (3) Raise the awareness of the importance of water quality. Water monitoring will be done on a biweekly basis from May 12th through September 15th. Additional monitoring will be done after major rain events. There are seven monitoring sites at strategic locations that extend from Toler's Bridge down to Mile Marker 1.

The following water quality parameters will be monitored: Dissolved Oxygen, Secchi Depth (a measure of water clarity), Temperature, Bacteria, pH and Conductivity (a measure of dissolved solids). DEQ loaned the Association a water quality probe that measures temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen and conductivity. DEQ also provided the Association with Coliscan© test kits to measure bacteria levels. The water quality data will be given to DEQ and will be made available on the Association's web site.

If you have a power boat and would like to help with the monitoring, please contact Mike Lobue at malobue@gmail.com.

Newsletter Advertisers:

Our advertisers were given business card sized space for 4 newsletter issues for $50 per year. We will continue to run those business card ads until their expiration. In the future, the cost will remain $50 for 4 issues.

The hard copy of the newsletter that is mailed out will have a thank you line for each of our advertiser/supporters. As we are encouraging readers to receive the newsletter via e-mail, the e-mail edition and the edition on our web site will continue to have business card sized, color ads.

If you would like to continue to advertise, payment should be mailed to LVL, PO Box 68, Altavista, VA 24517. We still have business cards for previous advertisers. New advertisers should submit a business card with your payment.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Virginia has enacted a new law requiring all boat drivers to take a boating safety course. The law requires boaters of certain ages to have taken the course by a certain year. To make sure you get certified by the year required for your age, the full text of the law can be read at www.leesvillelake.org.

The Leesville Lake Association is happy to announce that, through the cooperation of the Smith Mountian Sail and Power Squadron, a free Safe Boating class will be offered to the members. The date and location are yet to be determined, but it will be soon and near. This will be an eight hour one day class. The United States Power Squadron is the largest private boating education organization in the country. It is close to being 100 years old.

Leesville Lake Association Safety Committee will be arranging dates and times for the course and exam in the near future and we'll keep you informed.

If you want to be included, please call Gerry Caprario at 434-656-9082 or email at capgerry@hoymail.com

Gerry will also be offering free VESSEL SAFETY CHECKS throughout the boating season. He will post flyers as to dates, times and locations at the local marinas.

Your boat does not have to be in the water to accomplish a VSC.

Prefer e-mail to snail mail?

In the future, this newsletter will be offered in two forms: standard mail or email. This is a cost cutting measure to save money on postage. If you would like to opt out of the snail mail and receive an email anouncement with a link to the website newsletter then please send your email address to Julie Moore at lakedoughbegone@msn.com

Once it is all set up, a test will be conducted by sending everyone on the new list a message to be shure that your spam blockers allow the emails.

Past as well as current newsletters are available online at the website page http://leesvillelake.org/newsletters.htm

Happy Spring to all!

With our outside activities increasing, please remember to keep your tetanus toxin injections current. A dose every 5 years. I checked with Dr. Cohen's office staff. They are using the "every 5 years" schedule. Guess I am off to update "my tetanus shot".
~ Sue Glasscock

Gardening News:

Anyone wanting first hand knowledge of how buffer gardens work, why they're beneficial, and what plants are good, please get in touch with Julie at (434) 369-6630 or at lakedoughbegone@msn.com.

There are three buffer gardens installed at Smith Mountain Lake State Park and the designer needs volunteers willing to get dirty, help clean, weed and refurbish the gardens. The designer teaches as everyone works.

Make Plans NOW to Attend

The Annual General Membership Meeting and Picnic

July 14th, 4:30 p.m.
Tri-County Marina

Upcoming Board Meetings

June 14th, Aug. 9th, Sept. 13th
7:00 p.m. at the Altavista Train Station

2008 Calendars

Remember to submit pictures of lake activities, scenery, people or pets for our 2008 calendar.

We would like to receive anything you have, but if possible, submit via e-mail, high resolution pictures in jpg format. If you call and make arrangements to get pictures to her, our new calendar designer will also be able to work with existing pictures on paper. Your submissions should include your name and phone number.

We will also have a jury to select the picture for the cover. Submit your pictures to Lynn Stelle, (434) 309-9989, tnlstelle@hughes.net.

2007 Calendars have been reduced to $5.00 for anyone still interested in purchasing one. Or two for that matter!

We still have LVL Hats for sale at $10.00 each!