Debris Committee

Committee Members:

Jim and Randy Weiss (Co-Chairs); Frank and Barb Podrebarac; Jim and Wanda Riccione, Gary and Pam Mcmillan.

Purpose of Committee:

To aid and encourage the removal of floating debris that is detrimental to the safety and recreational use of Leesville Lake. This is an ongoing process, which includes working with Appalachian, the surrounding counties of Bedford, Campbell and Pittsylvania, and lake residents and other interested parties to achieve this result.

Fiscal Year Objectives:

  • Manage the Annual Lake Beautification Day project, including soliciting funding for the project.
  • Coordinate with Appalachian Power on the use of the debris removal equipment on the lake.

If you would like more information or would like to join the committee, please contact our President at

The association encourages land owners to gather and dispose of debris along their shores periodically. People should observe any burning laws and/or temporary burning bans in there county if they use that method of disposal. See below for more information on burning.

The association sponsors a Beautification Day each year where, at various sites along the lake, there are placed moderately heavy equipment and dumpsters for removal and disposal of debris. See the Beautification Day Page for more information.

AEP has equipment that removes debris from the lake from time to time. A group of volunteers can schedule the debris removal equipment to follow them along the shoreline as they throw debris into the water from the shore. Call the number in the picture of the old skimmer to the right to get your group in gear.

Keep Leesville Lake Safe by Reporting Debris

We need your continued assistance in reporting debris on Leesville Lake.

You have four options as follows:

  1. The best way is to use our Debris Reporting Worksheet to create an email with all the required information and send it to TLAC
  2. During weekday working hours of 0830-1630 you can contact the Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission (TLAC) at 1-540-721-4400. They will log your information, send it to AEP and track their response. TLAC’s informative website
  3. You can also contact AEP directly using their efficient online debris reporting form at Report Debris Form AEP will respond to your report via phone call within several days. Debris removal priority #1 is main channel debris removal and #2 cove and non navigational waters.
  4. You can also call AEP at 540-985-2579, listen to the various menu options and either stay on the line or press 0 to speak to an operator.

Burning Debris

Virginia’s 4 pm burning law goes into effect February 15. The law prohibits burning before 4 pm from February 15-April 30 if the fire is in or within 300 feet of a woodland, brush land or fields containing dry grass or other flammable materials. For more information, visit Virginia Department of Forestry – Burning law
For local burn ban information visit Virginia Department of Forestry – Burning Bans