Debris Committee

Committee Members:

Dave Rives (Chair); Frank and Barb Podrebarac; Jim and Wanda Riccione, Gary and Pam Mcmillan.

Purpose of Committee:

To aid and encourage the removal of floating debris that is detrimental to the safety and recreational use of Leesville Lake. This is an ongoing process, which includes working with Appalachian, the surrounding counties of Bedford, Campbell and Pittsylvania, and lake residents and other interested parties to achieve this result.

History of Committee:

In 2017, the Leesville Lake Debris Committee was formed on behalf of the Leesville Lake Association. Our committee consists of Jim and Randy Weiss (Co-Chairs); Gary and Pam Mcmillan, Jim and Wanda Riccione, and Frank and Barb Podrebarac.

We are a very dedicated, hard-working committee. Our purpose is to address debris on Leesville Lake, including AEP’s ongoing participation in keeping the lake clear of debris that potentially poses a safety hazard for public use, and the overall aesthetics and enjoyment of our beautiful lake.

We have established a successful, productive working relationship with AEP.
• Members of our committee have been invited to accompany the AEP crew on monthly inspections of Leesville Lake, and our committee has been asked to recommend where the crew will work the next month.
• A 2019 Work Schedule/Plan is currently in progress of being created.

It is important to note that our Committee’s work on Leesville Lake in and will continue to be a work-in-progress and we need the assistance of all residents of Leesville Lake as well as recreational users of the lake. It is more important than ever to report lake debris sightings.

Keep Leesville Lake Safe by Reporting Debris

We need your continued assistance in reporting debris on Leesville Lake.

We strongly request that all residents and boaters of Leesville Lake to Email complaints and still photos regarding lake debris to BOTH of THESE EMAIL ADDRESSES: which goes to TLAC (Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission) who will contact AEP directly on your behalf
AND which goes to the Leesville Lake Debris Committee for debris report tracking purposes.

TO MAKE THIS INFORMATION CREDIBLE and VERIFIABLE the following data must be included:
• Your address, phone number and/or Email (if Email, include a statement as follows: “I give TLAC/AEP permission to contact me by Email”). This information is critical because AEP historically has, and should respond to you regarding your complaint, so we wish to assure that they have your correct contact information.
• Mile Marker Number of debris locale or a landmark or address that would describe the area.
• Only still photos are accepted (Do NOT send Videos or other formats).  Please send only one complaint per specific incident, per family.

Your participation is greatly needed and we urge you to alert our committee and TLAC EVERY time you recognize unsightly debris in your locale.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, (other than photos/complaints which should be sent to the E-mail addresses above), please contact us at which goes directly to the Debris Committee chair.

Dave Rives
Leesville Lake Debris Committee Chair
on Behalf of the Leesville Lake Association Debris Committee