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Smith Mountian Lake Association
Friends of Claytor Lake
Lake Gaston Association
Lake Anna Civic Association


Tri-County Lakes Administrative Commission (TLAC)
Organization that consists of government representatives from the three counties around Smith Mountian Lake, as well as residents, business owners and AEP. Responsible for administering local government money for such needs as debris cleanup, weed control and placement of navigational aids. Contact Paula Shoffner, Executive Director, (540) 721-4400 for  TLAC inquiries.

River Basin Associations

Roanoke River Basin Association
RRBA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization whose mission is establish and carry out a strategy for the development, use, preservation and enhancement of the resources of the Roanoke River basin in the best interest of present and future generations of Basin residents. RRBA believes that basin resource conservation can co-exist with managed economic growth. RRBA consists of hundreds of members, mostly located within the basin of the 410-mile-long Roanoke River, including local governments, non-profit, civic and community organizations, regional government entities, businesses and individuals
The Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee (VRRBAC) and the associated Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission were established by the General Assembly in the executive branch of State government during 2002. The purpose of the Commission in short is to safeguard the Roanoke River Basin’s natural resources, while the function of the Advisory Committee is to assist the Virginia delegation in achieving the purposes and in fulfilling the powers and duties of the Commission.

November 2005 Report
Cover Letter Report to Constituents
Resolution Urging Inclusion
Resolution Cover Letter Funding_Resolution
Water Conservation Alliance-
Formed in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Smith Mountain Lake Association, the alliance consists of representatives from Smith Mountain Lake, Leesville Lake and interests upstream and downstream of AEP’s project. Its aim is to reach a consensus on management of the water levels and water quality throughout the Roanoke River Basin. 297-4146.
Staunton River Watch
Friends of the Staunton River