Oval: LLA

“Helping to Make Leesville Lake Safe and Fun”

Leesville Lake Association                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              PO BOX 68, ALTAVISTA VA, 24517                                            leesvillelake.org



Board of Directors Meeting August 13, 2015



Call to Order


Agenda (attachment 1)

      -Motion to approve 08/13/15 agenda


Minutes (attachment 2)                                                           

      -Motion to approve 6/11/15 minutes

      -FYI, 7/18/2015 Annual Meeting minutes (attachment 3)


Treasurer’s Report  

      -Pat on vacation this month.  We are still “under budget”

      -To remind, 2015-2016 Annual budget passed at the 7/18/15 Annual Meeting


Reports from the Board and Committees

      -Membership (to be emailed separately)


      -Safety & Navigation

-Water Quality (WQ team to survey Thursday)

      -Aquatic Vegetation (attachment 4)

      -Communications (attachment 5)

      -TLAC (verbal recap of 8/11/15 TLAC meeting)


Special Orders/New Business

      -#1 Elections (a proposed slate, attachment 6).  Volunteers more than welcome!

-#2 Proposed 2015-2016 Calendar of events (attachment 7).  Guest speaker for October 10th     2015 quarterly members meeting is Bill Brush of CURB

      -#3 Calendar status

      -#4 AEP/LLA LVL chart (review draft on table)


Action Items

To be discussed


Around-the-Table/Parking Lot


Adjourn (motion to adjourn)